Wednesday, January 15, 2014

UFC Competition

In the UFC competition, they have lost two of the greatest PPV (Pay-per-views) sellers in the middle weight class, Geoerge St-Pierre and Aderson Silva. Georges St-Pierre with 25 wins and 2 loses, he is currently holding the welterweight championship belt. After five and a half years, St-pierre is on a vacation in order to find himself. With Anderson Silva's future as a fighter is in question after suffering a painful broken leg in his UFC rematch against Chris Weidman, a man who took his title. Silva's is currently 33 wins and 6 loses after he had broke his leg.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and featherweight champion Jose Aldo Jr. would already have captured peoples attention after George St-Pierre and Anderson Silva’s possibly out of the UFC competition. here is where you can see itSilva was not an instant superstar, "The Brazilian's ability to do remarkable things in the Octagon like his counter-jab knockout of Forrest Griffin and his face-kick KO of Vitor Belfort, made his fights watchful events" says Dave Doyle. In 2013, Nick Diaz was coming off both a drug suspension and a loss to Carlos Condit when he was given an opportunity to a shot of Georges St-Pierre’s welterweight title. Chris Weidman is on his way to stardom after two of his victories over Anderson Silva.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Haiku to MMA

 Hands up, keep going
Defeat is not an option
 Til' the end, I'll fight

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why I Chose MMA

I chose MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) as my topic because as people, we all need to learn a little bit of self defense. Knowing what to do in a specific situations with quick thinking could save your life, as well as others. In a real life situation, like if somebody were to rob you then knowing how to suppressed him by taking his weapon will give you the advantage. There are different types of forms such as muay thai, jui jitsu, boxing, and etc. Each one of them has their own style and moves so I hope to learn more about the different techniques.